Ayrton Senna - When You No Longer Go For a Gap

To bring this miniseries of sorts full circle, we today look at the gap-pursuing accidents manifold of that most fondly remembered Brazilian - the eponymous, irreplaceable, often contradictory Ayrton Senna. It seems he had something of an obsession with smashing into the rear of Martin Brundle throughout his career (vindicating the smear rumours disseminated by Nelson Piquet), having done so both in 1990 and 1993, the latter a peculiar misjudgement which bears the appearance of plain clumsiness, doubtless possessing a psychological explanation unknown to all but Ayrton himself. But look, enough with this gabble, for my mind has reached a rounded conclusion on something of vague importance to me, this rare moment of clarity (listen to the Jimmy Eat World album of that name, by the way, it's very good indeed) demanding that I write of it. But how to begin? Well, here we go. It's a generally accepted thing that my dispositions leave me capable, if I should so please, of writing things in such a way as to provoke powerful feelings in the minds of readers in their relating to my experiences on at minimum a partial level, which is a problem in so far as this mutual understanding is nothing more than a highly impersonal, fundamentally false form of love. Of the actual physical phenomenon, there's only one girl with whom I've ever truly been in love, and, such was my affection for her, after having completed the difficult part of courting her across a sequence of months with my finely crafted words of the utmost innocence, I next proceeded to shy away from her completely out of fear of certain knowledge of its falling apart soon enough, or, to put it differently, of my discovering love's being imperfect, and, as with all things in life regulated by physical laws, inclined to succumb to entropy. My actions seem, despite their surface illogicality, to have been a survival tactic, for, if the expectation of perfect love does not exist, what reason has a man for continuing to live? We must all have sources of hope which are knowingly unattainable, else the realities of being will take their toll. Well, I've said what I must, so I shall see you all in the next description. I'm not forgetting the fact that this channel is primarily a source of entertainment, and so this is perhaps not what is necessary in these descriptions, as I expect viewers come here to seek some relief from whatever stresses permeate their respective lives, but occasionally I will say that which I must.